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Labor: Events 2011/12

KOOPERATION mit dem Institut für Architekturtheorie und Baugeschichte, Universität Innsbruck

Lehrveranstaltung: JURISDICTIONS: Experiments in the Topographies and Topologies of Tyrol / Lehrveranstaltungsleitung: Susan KELLY
Sommersemester 2012, Universität Innsbruck

This seminar explores the contradictions and possibilities that are unearthed when concurrent jurisdictions are discovered, performed and re-proposed. Legal terms such as ‘jurisdiction’ and ‘constituency’ that define ‘units of governance’ refer to both a space around which a line is drawn, and a body of people. For example, historically, parts of South London in the UK have had at least 10 simultaneous jurisdictions that lay claim to the bodies that lived there, and the physical spaces of not only buildings but also roads, drainage systems, rivers and so on. This is a space that is impossible to map topographically, a space in which the seemingly self-evident integrity of maps, landscape drawings and spatially designated ‘units of governance’ break down. Through readings, talks and practical experiments we will explore these terms, questions and their implications. We will explore briefly the discipline of topology and how it might be more useful for picturing and grasping these spaces. Is it possible to imagine a space of orientations, directions, entries and exits rather than a flat map with lines drawn around given and known entities?

We will take the Tyrol region, a historical county, a royal territory and ‘an ethnic identity’ situated across borders, as our working base. Drawing on historical archives, observations, structured walks, performance practices and spatial and critical legal theory, the seminar will explore and experiment in ways we might reveal the topologies of simultaneous jurisdictions that lie beneath our feet.

Das Seminar von Susan Kelly wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten und findet zum überwiegenden Teil im Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen statt.

weitere Informationen:
Seminarbeschreibung der Universität Innsbruck
Duchamp, ocular witness