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Labor: Events 2003 - 2006

Interfacing Sound: ixi software Workshop


Ixi-software is a 2 years old collective project promoting experimentation on new kinds of interactivity on musical software and hardware. The focus is on the exploration on new kind of interfaces that allow for a more fluid and innovative interaction between the musician and the instrument/system. Concurrent with their work on ixi software, thor magnusson and enrike hurtado have developed a workshop where they introduce notonly the techniques they have been developing and using, but also other open source platforms to create music, music software, installations, instruments and other performances.

The ixi workshop in the five days workshop participants get to know and work with different prototyping tools, both for physical and virtual interface prototyping (director, flash, max/msp, icube, etc.) and for sound engine prototyping (pure data, max/msp, python, supercollider, jmax, etc.). Communication protocols connecting or interfacing the various environments are also explained (midi and osc – open sound control). Works of other artists made with these technologies will be presented and discussed together with the theoretical and aesthetical impact of these works.

The aim of the workshop is to introduce the basics of these technologies based on the experience of developing the ixi software, participating in festivals and conferences and working in academies and art institutions. Participants will be encouraged to propose a small project to work on, either individually or in a group, which forces them to face the real problems and concepts of the explained technologies. In order to get people started, the participants will get in contact with ixi ready-made code examples of sound generation, filters, effects and communication channels. this code can be easily changed and adjusted to participant’s individual project. The aim is not to go into technical details of the physics of sound or programming practises, but rather on how we use these programming environments for human expression.

The content of the workshop:

- project description, participants make projects either individually or in a group
- introduction to ixi software, the ixi philosophy and the way of working
- introduction to max/msp, pure data, supercollider and jmax
- introduction to building interfaces: director, flash, python
- lectures and discussions about key aspects of design, such as interactivity, differences between traditional and virtual instruments, generative processes, digital sound, and making music with computers
- showcases of interesting and related projects
- project work, people work, either individually or in groups, on creating software that can be used as tools for music creation, installations, sound effects or related to video


Thu 22.04., 18.00 – 22.00
Introduction to ixi
Discussion of other types of available software for musical production: max/msp, pure data, supercollider
project assignment

Fri 23.04., 18.00 – 22.00
Ideas for projects discussed shortly
Basic tutorials in max/msp, pure data and supercollider
Showcase of work by artists interesting for the workshop

Sat 24.04., 13.00 – 19.00
Tutorials in various techniques, like lingo, python and communication protocoles such as osc or midi
Work on group/individual projects

Sun 25.04., 13.00 – 19.00
Discussion of texts and the aims of building musical software and/or instruments
Tutorials where example code is explained. Work on group/individual projects

Mon 26.04., 18.00 – 22.00
Finishing up projects and a discussion about the workshop

Tue 27.04., 19.00
Presentation of the results of the workshop